Congratulations to WB Wiley Q. Forrester III for attaining the position of 9Th District Masonic Education, Leadership, and Development for your Brothers!

M.E.L.D Information

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Materials Needed for the 5 On Line Courses

Course 1
The Georgia Masonic Code, required study material:
Copy of Current Masonic Code

Course 2
Georgia Masonic History, required study material:
Copy The Grand Lodge of Georgia Masonic History

Course 3
Masonic Etiquette, required study material:
Copy of Masonic Etiquette

Course 4
Georgia Masonic Manual, required study material:
Volume's 1 & 2 Grand Lodge of Georgia Masonic Manual

Course 5
Georgia Masonic Rules of Order, required study material:
Rules of Order study material, downloadable from website

Contact WB Wiley Q. Forrester @ 678-925-9333  E-mail Please e-mail completed forms to this address. Be sure to add your contact information to the e-mail.