Regular Communication – Thursday, November 11th

IF you weren’t at the last meeting celebrating WB Robert ‘Big Bob’ Phillips 50 Year Apron Presentation, you sure missed a great time.  I believe the final count was 109 in attendance.  What a glorious evening for WB Phillips and Buford Lodge!  Our own Brother Ricky Williams treated us to a fantastic meal for this memorable occasion.  Thank you Brother!!

View pictures here.

Just a reminder of our Regular Communication scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, November 11th at 7:30PM.  Per JW Tom Hineline, Cheesy Chicken Casserole is on the menu. Dinner starts at 6:30PM.

We will have an EA Catechism on Thursday, and the Officers are working on scheduling another FC Degree in the not too distant future.

Reminder about 2022 dues…. Please pay at the November or December meeting to stay current.  If you are in arrears for 2020 or 2021, please reach out to WB Forrester for guidance.

At the November Meeting, we will review the Bills from Grand Lodge.  For those who haven’t heard…our own WB Wiley Q. Forrester III was appointed Third Grand Steward by WB Mark Bradley.  Congratulations to WB Forrester on this most deserved recognition.  We look forward to supporting you during your journey through the line.

Keep in mind we only have one meeting in November and December per our bylaws.  The December Meeting (12/9) will include Officer Elections and Appointments.

Last thing…if you have contact information that may have changed, please update this information under the Grand Lodge of Georgia Grandview website.  This will assist us in sharing information with you regarding Buford Lodge functions.  Actually,  it may not hurt just to take a peek at Grandview to ensure your information is accurate.


Br. Bill Garrison
Senior Deacon

PM Lee Pope receives his PM Apron

Brother Wiley presents PM Lee Pope with a PM Apron for his 2020 service as WM of our lodge at the January 14, 2021 meeting.
Thanks to brother Bill Garrison for these excellent pictures.

Presenting PM Lee Pope his PM Apron
Presenting PM Lee Pope his PM Apron

It looks like it will fit just perfectly.

Making sure it fits

PM Wiley and PM Lee Pope smiling beneath their masks!

PM Lee Pope wearing his new PM Apron

A wider view.

PM Lee Pope wearing his new PM Apron
PM Lee Pope wearing his new PM Apron

Meetings Have Resumed

At this posting, we have had 3 meetings since the COVID-19 Pandemic started.  We are meeting at the normal time of 7:30 pm without the enjoyment of a meal at 6:30.  These are strange and difficult times.  Social distancing is being observed as we sit at least 6 feet apart with masks on.  For those with breathing issues, we are permitted to remove our mask while seated.

Degree work is not being conducted for obvious reasons.  The business of the lodge is being handled since bills keep coming in and repairs continue to be needed.

It is very good to see our brothers and share stories of how we and our families are coping with the “new normal”.


Meetings To Resume Thursday, June 25th

UPDATE: our WM has notified our members of the following:


      The Grand Master has sent out his ruling about our meetings. There are multiple points that he made but I will try to sum most of them up.

1) Masks are to be worn at all times
2) No dinners unless prepared somewhere else and brought in individually wrapped – I will say no dinners as it’s is too difficult to have to deal with individually wrapped meals
3) It is recommended for us to check temperatures before brothers are allowed into lodge – I will say that we WILL do this to follow his recommendation. We will have no touch forehead thermometers and anyone with a temperature over 100 degree F will NOT be allowed into lodge.
4) We will not have any degree work for a while, likely at least until the end of the year.
5) We will have no contact during opening and closing and do not need to transfer the word until at least October 28.
6) Our lodge meetings will be kept to strictly business needed for us to continue to function and we will need to keep the meetings short, we will have no guess lectures or continuing education.
7) There is to be NO balloting with the ballot box. We can discuss this more as needed.
8) We are only permitted to have examinations on Master Mason(of which we have none). All other degree catechisms will have to be postponed.
9) We are not permitted to have any family nights/gatherings unless they are outdoors and we can maintain safe distance.
10) We will have hand sanitizer(as we can find it) placed around the lodge and we will clean before and after the meetings.
These are not all of his points but the ones that I feel like are the main points.
Brethren, I know all this is a lot but we need to take these steps to make sure we are keeping each other as safe as possible. We will make it through this. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we are all trying to find the best way to navigate the times we are in now.

Our first meeting back will be Thursday, June 25th. There will be no dinner so the meeting will begin at 7:30p. If you have a concern that you would like addressed and don’t feel comfortable coming to lodge, please reach out to me or one of the officers for us to bring it up before the lodge. Big decisions that need to be made about the lodge will likely be tabled until we can reach out to members and get more input. Please let me know what concerns you may have and I look forward to getting through this with y’all and looking towards the future.

Lee Pope WM 2020

Historical Preservation Committee

The Historical Preservation Committee is entering it’s second year, working to preserve the history of Buford Masonic Lodge #292 by doing the following:

  • Record events in photos and text.
  • Create a “Annual” to be presented to the Worshipful Master and bretheren at the end of each year.
  • Update and maintain the Lodge Library.
  • Complete the picture gallery of previous Worshipful Masters.

Email us at with comments and suggestions.


Message From The East


              Thank you for you for voting me into the East. I look forward to being of great service to the lodge this year. Buford is an amazing lodge and we will continue to build on our solid foundation.
              This year I would like to focus on community and communication. We will improve our presence in the community. This is why many of us got into Masonry and we will create opportunities to be of service to our community. A big part of our community is involving our family. Family is so important for Masonry to continue. Our families need to see the people we go to lodge with and understand the connection we have with one another. This will help the world at large to be convinced of our good effects. Communication is key to a successful year of the brethren being involved. We will focus on ensuring that the lodge knows what is planned and have plenty of time to get it scheduled.
               I hope to get plenty of business done as well as have a little fun. I want everyone to look forward to coming to lodge and seeing our brothers. We will complete our business and also leave with something new that we might not have known before.

               The officers of Buford lodge are excited and I look forward to this year with such a strong team. The officers have many ideas that we are going to try. We will continue to improve ourselves and set Buford for more successful years to come.

Lee Pope – Worshipful Master, 2020

Dare To Be Different

 Would you dare to be different?

Living the life of a Mason is a life different from most any ordinary life. A Mason is loyal to his word, his bond, his family, his country and above all Loyal to his GOD!

To live the life of a Mason would mean NOT doing things that you would have done in the past, handling situations in a manner befitting the dignity of a Mason and an upstanding man of faith. Not allowing yourself to be placed in a situation that would bring question to your Morality. Being up front and honest in your dealings with EVERYONE, not just another Mason.

To walk the life of a Mason would mean YOU represent Freemasonry in everything you do; it will be no secret that you are a Mason, lots of people will know and they WILL judge Freemasonry as a whole by YOUR actions.  

If you think this would be the type honored life you would like to live, then seek out a Mason you know and ask how you would go about joining, ask for that elusive petition and get the ball started!

Good Luck in your Masonic journey. It will be a life long joy to be a part of and to pass down to your children. In this journey you will meet friends who will become brothers, and this relationship will last for as long as you desire.

Dan Dacus Past Master 2009
Buford Masonic Lodge 292 F&AM
Buford Georgia