Masonic Home of Georgia Family Day!

Masonic Home of Georgia
Family Day

  • 1417 Nottingham Drive, Macon, GA  31211
  • Saturday, October 6th 2018, 10 am until 2 pm
  • Past Grand Master Albert F. Garner, Jr. Grave Marker Ceremony
  • Near the White Building behind the Home
  • 1417 Nottingham Drive, Macon, GA  31211
  • Saturday, October 6th 2018, 10 am until 10:30 pm
  • Walter W. Matthews Cottage Cornerstone Ceremony
  • Family Day
  • 1417 Nottingham Drive, Macon, GA  31211
  • Saturday, October 6th 2018, 11 am until 12 noon
  • Dinner on the Grounds at 12 Noon
  • At the Pool Area
  • Auto Cruise In
  • (All vehicles are to be at the Home by 9 am.)
  • Children’s Hall tours – All Day

Message From the South


               Thank you for voting me into the south. I am honored to be in such a high chair for the lodge. As I continue to serve the lodge I look forward to growing in Masonry. There is always more we can learn as long as we use our attentive ears. Here’s to a great year and hopefully full bellies at each meeting!

Lee Pope
Junior Warden 2018

Message From The West

“PEACE and HARMONY”  I wish you all peace and harmony in the upcoming year.  Peace means the lack of anxieties, worries, and strife.  Each of us should have personal satisfaction in being a member of the greatest well-regulated organization in the world – our Fraternity, Free and Accepted Masons.  Let us all strive to work harmoniously in bringing more light into our own lives and into this uncertain world in which we live.  Harmony does not mean unison.  Unison is where everyone is doing the same thing the same way at the same time. Harmony is so much better than unison because harmony involves each of us doing different things at different times in a way that does not conflict with what others are doing, and yet, our efforts have a common purpose to the benefit of the Craft.

Our common purpose is to make good men better through the beautiful system of morality that we know as Freemasonry.  My hope for all of us is that each may continue to follow our chosen individual paths, masonically and harmoniously, finding the ultimate reward to be that we are wiser, better, and consequently happier, thus achieving Peace.  Let us all remember that we are Brothers.  “Behold how good, and how pleasant it is for the brethren to dwell together in unity!”  Unity because we are one as Brothers with one purpose. Harmony because each of us finds his own way to contribute to the whole without strife.  When Peace and Harmony is achieved then we each can receive the wages that ought be due every Brother in our Fraternity:  the corn of nourishment, the wine of refreshment, and the oil of joy. 

As Senior Warden, I am tasked with ensuring that each of our Brothers receive his wages, and that the Lodge is Peaceful and Harmonious.  It is a task that I am grateful to bear, and I thank all of you for placing your trust in me to handle this very important position.

God bless us all,

William H. Kitchens, Jr
Senior Warden

Message From The East

To the brothers of Buford lodge, thank you. I’m very humbled by the trust that was bestowed on me to lead our lodge this year. The profane world looks at our lodge as a building, constructed with brick and mortar, wood, wires, and pipe. We know that the building isn’t our Lodge. Our Lodge lies in each and every members’ heart. The building is that special meeting place that we come to twice a month to be with our brothers.

Thousands of years ago, Operative Masons set up Lodges as a place to educate each other. This year, our lodge will also attempt to follow their example. We should always strive for more light. Buford Lodge #292 is a place to find that knowledge. If you are interested in Freemasonry, come have dinner with us on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays on the month. The search for knowledge should never end.


Paul Fussell – WM 2018

Dare To Be Different

 Would you dare to be different?

Living the life of a Mason is a life different from most any ordinary life. A Mason is loyal to his word, his bond, his family, his country and above all Loyal to his GOD!

To live the life of a Mason would mean NOT doing things that you would have done in the past, handling situations in a manner befitting the dignity of a Mason and an upstanding man of faith. Not allowing yourself to be placed in a situation that would bring question to your Morality. Being up front and honest in your dealings with EVERYONE, not just another Mason.

To walk the life of a Mason would mean YOU represent Freemasonry in everything you do; it will be no secret that you are a Mason, lots of people will know and they WILL judge Freemasonry as a whole by YOUR actions.  

If you think this would be the type honored life you would like to live, then seek out a Mason you know and ask how you would go about joining, ask for that elusive petition and get the ball started!

Good Luck in your Masonic journey. It will be a life long joy to be a part of and to pass down to your children. In this journey you will meet friends who will become brothers, and this relationship will last for as long as you desire.

Dan Dacus Past Master 2009
Buford Masonic Lodge 292 F&AM
Buford Georgia