Message From The East

To the brothers of Buford lodge, thank you. I’m very humbled by the trust that was bestowed on me to lead our lodge this year. The profane world looks at our lodge as a building, constructed with brick and mortar, wood, wires, and pipe. We know that the building isn’t our Lodge. Our Lodge lies in each and every members’ heart. The building is that special meeting place that we come to twice a month to be with our brothers.

Thousands of years ago, Operative Masons set up Lodges as a place to educate each other. This year, our lodge will also attempt to follow their example. We should always strive for more light. Buford Lodge #292 is a place to find that knowledge. If you are interested in Freemasonry, come have dinner with us on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays on the month. The search for knowledge should never end.


Paul Fussell – WM 2018

Author: Ray Bailey

A.K.A. N4GYN Amateur Radio

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