We meet on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month,
except, November and December we meet only the 2nd Thursday

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   There is Dignity in Freemasonry, Display it!   


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Oct. 7, 2017

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    Congratulations to the Officers of 2017!

                    Mark Smith                   W/Master
                    Paul Fussell                 S/Warden
                    William Kitchens         J/Warden
                    Patrick Puckett           Treasurer
                    Gerald Gifford              Secretary
                    Ray Bailey                    Chaplain
                    Lee Pope                      S/Deacon                            
                    Eddie Jarrard               J/Deacon
                    Dwayne Cole               S/Steward
                    Bill Garrison                 J/Steward
                    Johnnie Carswell        Tyler
                    Wiley Forrester            Director of Works


Past Masters of Buford Lodge


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  Lodge of Sorrow

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We Eat Dinner at 6:30 PM on meeting nights.  Come and join us for dinner.


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"There is Dignity in Freemasonry, Display It"


Buford Masonic Lodge #292 - P.O Box 1266 ,
99 Spring Street, Buford Georgia, 30515
Copyright - Buford Masonic Lodge #292 / 2006-2016